Anyone can be member of the Ellinismos Online community!

Individuals, Companies, Schools, Associations, Municipalities, Monasteries, etc. can have their personal page, contribute to the archive of Hellenism, interact with other members of the community, etc.

More specifically, all members of Hellenism (Individuals and Companies - Organisations) can:

  • Add content to the archive of Hellenism - stories, legends, customs, traditions, traditional food, historical photos, photos of our country, etc
  • Interact with other members and see the content of their friends, connect with other users, evaluate community content
  • Take advantage of offers for community members
  • To have their biography written and read biographies of others

Companies - Organisations members of Hellenism can also:

  • Promote their business
  • Add offers
  • Write professional articles
  • Update their page with their latest announcements and news

Whether you are a person or represent of a company or an organisation you can become a member of Ellinismos Online completely free of charge by filling out the registration form.

In a few minutes you will have created your personal page and you will be able to participate in the community of Hellenism.